Structure and contents of the entrance test

Each applicant is eligible for a maximum of two specialties, areas or modalities. 

The test consists of two parts, both selective, with different exercises each. The score of both parts represents 95% of the final mark. Each part has a value of 50% of that percentage.

In addition, applicants who do not have the Spanish professional grade in music must sit a specific exercise.

Part A 

Its objective is to assess the knowledge and skills of the applicant.

It contains the following exercises:

  • Dictado melódico-rítmico y dictado polifonico-armónico
  • Análisis de partitura
  • Análisis auditivo
  • Prueba instrumental


Part B 

Its aim is to assess the capabilities of the applicant regarding the degree course studies. This part is different depending on the specialties:

  • Compositing
  • Conducting
  • Musicology
  • Pedagogy
  • Production and Management
  • Sonology
  • Performance


The School provides an MP3 player to perform all exercises in which audio is required. It is recommended that the applicant brings his/her own headphones.