Structure and contents of the entrance test

Year 2020-2021

Each applicant is eligible for a maximum of two specialty, area or modality. 

The test consists of two parts, both selective, with different exercises each. The score of both parts represents 95% of the final mark. Each part has a value of 50% of that percentage.

In addition, applicants who do not have the Spanish professional grade in music must sit a specific exercise.

NOTE: COVID-19 updated mesures.

Tests and Audition Affectation
A1 Rhythmic-melodic dictation Modified completion time: 20 minutes.
A2 Polyphonic-harmonic dictation Modified completion time: 20 minutes.
A3 Score analysis Modified completion time: 50 minutes.
A4 Listening analysis Early, Classical, Flamenco and Traditional Modified completion time: 30 minutes.
A4 Listening analysis Jazz and MM Modified completion time: 50 minutes.
A5, B16, B17 and B18 Due to the favorable evolution of COVID-19 and following the instructions of the Department of Education, these tests and auditions will be carried out consecutively on the same day as the other instrumental tests.
A5 and B16

Modification for the accompaniment:

  • In the specialties of Classical and Contemporary Music and Early Music, these tests will be carried out without accompaniment.
  • In the specialties of Jazz and Modern Music and Cobla and Traditional Catalan Music, these tests can be performed with or without previously recorded accompaniment. If they are made with recorded accompaniment, on the day of the test a device with a jack or minijack input (mobile, tablet laptop, iPod, mp3) will be taken with the corresponding acoompaniment o accompaniments.
Specific exercise Modified completion time: 30 minutes.

Tests contents

Part A 

Its objective is to assess the knowledge and skills of the applicant.

It contains the following exercises:

  • Melodic-rhythmic dictation and polyphonic-harmonic dictation
  • Score analysis
  • Auditory analysis
  • Instrumental test


Part B 

Its aim is to assess the capabilities of the applicant regarding the degree course studies. This part is different depending on the specialties