Entry requirements

In order to be admitted to higher artistic education in music, the student must meet the academic requirement of Baccalaureate and pass the School's entrance examination. 

Academic requirements

The academic requirement can be evidenced by:

  • The bachelor's degree, or
  • Having passed the university entrance examination for students over 25 years old.

The following are accepted as the equivalent of the baccalaureate:

  • LOGSE or LOE baccalaureate
  • Plan 70 BUP + COU
  • Entrance test to university studies for students over 25 (regardless of the university degree)
  • Any university qualification (degree or diploma), including any Higher degree in music (Plan 66 and LOGSE)

The documentation to be submitted is the diploma or receipt. Only students who have finished LOE baccalaureate in the same year as the entrance test take place can alternatively submit a certification in which it is stated that they are to be issued the pertinent qualification.


Students without academic requirements

Students who do not meet the academic requirements and are 18 years old or reach the age of 19 within the same year of their entrance test, can access to higher education in music by passing a specific exercise organized and regulated every year by the Department of Education to show their maturity in relation to the objectives of baccalaureate. Check the calendar of this exercise.

Previous musical degree

Being in possession of the Spanish professional music degree is counted along as 5% of the total score.

The score of students who are in possession of the professional music degree is determined by weighting the two parts of the test (A and B) 95% and adding 0,5 points.

Students who do not have the professional music degree must sit a specific exercise. Their final score is determined by weighting the two parts of the test (A and B) 95% and adding the final mark (between 0 and 10 with no decimal points) of that specific exercise, weighted at 5%. 

if you think you may be unable to submit the professional music degree diploma, or to homologate it if foreigner, we highly recommend to sit the specific exercise. Failure to submit the professional degree diploma and not performing the specific exercise will be qualified with a 0.

The following are accepted as equivalent to the Professional grade in music:

  • Plan 66 Medium grade music
  • LOGSE Medium grade music
  • LOE Professional grade music

A Graduate level in music of the speciality other than the one in which the interested person wants to enrol.

The documentation to be presented is the certificate or receipt.